«DrumPower» for Munich Schools –
Project Contents + Formats

Project Contents

  • Creative engagement with the topics of aggression, violence and conflict
  • Musical role-playing games
  • Rhythmic drumming with simple game instructions
  • Playing on quiet instruments
  • Respectful handling, empathy, impulse control, self-esteem
  • Joy in music
  • Workshop performance:
    Instead of musical skills, joy, courage and creativity are in the foreground
  • Reflective conversations with the teacher and supervision
  • Evaluation of the project through questionnaires for pupils, parents and teachers

Project formats

We offer our projects at schools in the city of Munich,
especially primary, secondary and special needs- schools as well as German classes.

DrumPower Munich – half a year

  • Preliminary discussion with the teacher on class,
    individual students, space, times and other specifics as required
  • 12-20 project units of 2 school hours per week
  • With the whole class or with small groups
  • Supervision
  • Workshop performance in front of other classes and parents
  • Evaluation: Questionnaire to pupils, parents and teachers

DrumPower Munich – Intensive Days

  • On 2 consecutive days
  • 3 hours each
  • With the whole class or with small groups

DrumPower Munich – To get to know each other

  • One-time 2 intensive school hours to get to know
  • With the whole class or with small groups

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